Animen triton force(English dubbed)

Animen triton force(English dubbed) Overview

The time passed, the people of Swampland started to take new forms, they changed there DNA. This helped them to improve there appearance to live in the new environment. Generations passed and they forget about there original forms. The human was developed into a new race called Frogmen. There was another group of human descent, which also develop the Cockroaches, otherwise known as the Tzhu Alliance. They destroyed the peaceful lives of Frogmen. Because of this, the Frogmen joined their arms and they created the Animen triton force in order to stop the T-Hy’s insatiable ambitions.
  • Initial release: June 1, 2010
  • Cast: Leo Wu, Sun Ye, Wei Zhai, Yuzhu Cheng, Fan Churong,
  • Producers: Xu Kerr, Changlin Ouyang, Yong Zhang
  • Rating: 5.4/10

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