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Previous pro sprinter of Sendai Josei High School, Kakeru Kurahara is pursued away from a general store for shoplifting. Shaking off his follower, he runs into Haiji Kiyose, another understudy from his college. Haiji is dazzled by Kakeru’s readiness and convinces him to live in Chikusei-sou, the overview loft where Haiji dwells alongside eight different understudies. Having lost his whole loft store at a mahjong parlor, Kakeru acknowledges the offer hesitantly.

Nonetheless, Haiji uncovers a mystery during Kakeru’s inviting gathering: the condo is really the quarters of the  races in Japan. Shockingly, all the occupants separated from Haiji and Kakeru are finished running beginners. More awful still, none of the occupants are even distantly keen on being engaged with Haiji’s strange arrangement! With just a brief time before the cutoff time, will the fourth-year 

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English: Run with the Wind
Synonyms: Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuite Iru, Kazetsuyo
Japanese: 風が強く吹いている
Type: TV
Episodes: 23
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 3, 2018 to Mar 27, 2019

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