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The End of Evangelion Overview

The End of Evangelion a 1997 Japanese sci-fi movie composed and co-coordinated by Hideaki Anno. It fills in as an equal closure of the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV arrangement. In which adolescent Shinji Ikari pilots Evangelion Unit 01. One of a few monster cyborgs intended to battle unfriendly heavenly elements called Angels. The film gets where the TV program’s 24th scene finished. The reason for the occasions portrayed in the show’s scenes 25 and 26 happens in the center.

In spite of the fact that it won honors including the 1997 Animage Anime Grand Prix. The End of Evangelion at first got blended surveys. A 2014 Time Out survey of movie producers cast a ballot. The End of Evangelion one of the 100 best-enlivened movies ever


Young person Shinji Ikari the pilot of Evangelion Unit 01. One of a few goliath cyborgs intended to battle antagonistic powerful elements called Angels. Distressed over the demise of Kaworu Nagisa. Shinji visits individual pilot Asuka Langley Soryu is a medical clinic and strokes off to her oblivious body. Yet thinks twice about it promptly thereafter.

The shadowy board SEELE finds that Gendo Ikari means to utilize NERV. The paramilitary association that sends the Evangelion units, for his own arrangements. SEELE dispatches the Japanese Strategic Self-Defense Force (JSSDF) to hold onto control of NERV. Executing a large portion of the staff. NERV major Misato Katsuragi orders Asuka moved to the cockpit. At that point salvages Shinji from JSSDF troops. Resolved to have Shinji shield NERV, Misato carries him to Unit 01’s sound entryways, yet shot all the while. Prior to her demise, Misato entreats Shinji to direct Unit 01, kisses him, and powers him into the lift. Shinji finds Unit 01 immobilized in bakelite.

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Presuming that NERV’s destruction is unavoidable, Gendo recovers Evangelion pilot Rei Ayanami. He intends to utilize her to start the Third Impact. A disaster that will slaughter everybody on Earth and rejoin him with his perished spouse, Yui. Endeavoring to stop him, NERV researcher Ritsuko Akagi sends a PC order to decimate NERV. Casper, a PC center displayed on Ritsuko’s mom, supersedes her order and Gendo executes her. Then, inside Unit 02, Asuka conquers her injury and re-enacts the unit. She crushes the JSSDF powers. However, SEELE releases an armada of new mass-created Evangelion units, who gut her and Unit 02. Unit 01 breaks liberated from the bakelite and rise above the NERV base camp. From the cockpit, Shinji sees the mass-created units conveying the disfigured survives from Unit 02 and shouts in dread.

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